The Shaklee Family in Annapolis, Maryland - 2008

From L: Roberta, Reid, Christina, Ashley, Grant, Teresa, Mark, Dale, Maribeth, Erin, David, Aunt Helyn & Steve
Dale organized this fabulous picnic at their beach, with boiled blue crab, shrimp, burgers, dogs & salads - yum!

BBQing Brothers - Steve & Mark

Crab Clean-up Crew - Aunt Helyn & Dale

The "Kid Table" - *grin* ~*:-) from left, Erin & David, Grant & Ashley, Aunt Helyn & Roberta too!

Teresa just *had* to wade in Eastern waters - this is the Severn River, flowing into the mighty Chesapeake Bay.

Ashley got us a ride on her tour boat - here are the girls leaving Annapolis Harbor

Teresa, Aunt Helyn & Roberta on the "poop deck" of the boat.. <g>

Teresa actually got to drive the 65 foot boat for several nautical miles!

Here is a great shot of the lighthouse in the middle of the Chesapeake Bay!!

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