Fort Steven's Camping Trip July 2010

Travis & Kristi take their 2 boys on the vintage Carousel in Seaside.

Travis & Caleb

Kristi & Hayden

The colorful carousel.

Travis & Kristi & boys walk on the beach at Seaside right off the promenade.

Travis, Kristi and the boys on the miniature train in Seaside.

Family photo in Cannon Beach.

From left: Kristi, Hayden, Dayle, Teresa, Travis, Caleb and Buddy the dog in front of the Astoria Column.

The Astoria Column - it's really neat, tells the story in pictures of the history of the area.

This fun eatery was touted in Sunset magazine as some of the best fish & chips in the area, they're right!

The gang having lunch under a maple tree - good thing as it was heavily misting while we were there!

Dayle in the replica of Fort Clatsop not far from Fort Stevens.

Several of us posing at Fort Clatsop under the gate.

Travis & Caleb next to a bronze statue of Sacajewea and her baby. She saved Lewis & Clark on many occasions.

A quiet moment reading with Grandpa.

Travis' family leading us south on the beach - that was so much fun!!

The beautiful Pacific ocean.

Travis in his extremely comfortable Chevy Tahoe.

Kristi found TWO Starfish on our 4 wheelin' trip South on the beach!!

Closeup of the 2nd one she found.

Teresa took this photo of shorebirds - and identified them as "Common Plovers" from the bird book at home.

Travis & Hayden checking out the shipwreck Peter Iredale on the beach of Fort Stevens.

Travis & Hayden... OOOH.. here comes the water!!

Father and son wading.

The shipwreck. Dayle took me to see it when we were dating in 1965 - it was much more complete then, with a bowsprit.

Our 2 trucks parked on the beach near the shipwreck.

Pretty Pacific.

Travis' family with a cannon in the military area of Fort Stevens.

A tour on a deuce and a half Army truck.

Travis & Kristi's camp and trailer.

Teresa & Dayle's camp and trailer and truck.