Some pet pictures to share with you....

Our "Best Dog Ever", Buddy, right after being groomed!

This is Buddy with his hair half grown out. 4 years old

Here is a mature Buddy - 3 1/2 years old. 2007 He's never had his hair cut in this photo.

Happy dog - running free on an island at Waldo Lake - August 2006

Buddy loves sailing with Dayle on Waldo Lake - August 2006

Here is Buddy and Lucy - a momentary truce.

Buddy in the snow - Photo by Elizabeth Holmes, Brisbane Australia

L: A Moment of Truce - Buddy & Lucy | R: Punk Hairdo

Here is the first picture of our Cairn Terrier (like Toto!) 8 weeks | 12 Weeks old - Cuddling his HedgeHog!
We named him - "Captain O'Reilly McAllister" - But he comes to "Buddy"


Little Buddy

Here's Lucy - The BEST Cat We've EVER had!

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