Shawn & Beth get married in Agoura Hills, CA on September 26, 2009

Shawn & Beth light the unity candle to unite the two familes

Shawn & Beth are married!

The wedding party

The Iovine Family

The Kasner Family Group (also Millers, Hawkes & Johns) (this photo by Michael Segal)

Pre-wedding reception - Aunts Roberta, Denise, Uncle Steve, Uncle Steve and Aunt Lorna

Travis & Kristi's son Hayden - how cute is he!?

Left, Travis' wife Kristi & son Caleb, Right, Shawn's sister Amy & Hayden

The beautiful wedding cake in the evening light

Shawn & Beth during their wedding dance

Steve & Lorna dancing

The rehearsal dinner, from left, Beth, Roberta, Lorna, Steve, Denise & Amy

Shawn & Beth opening presents at the Sunday Brunch at the Iovine home

The boys swimming at the Sunday Brunch in Beth's parents pool

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