Woldridge Family Circle with children in order of their birth: 1 o'clock/1st child = Rowan Elmer; 2nd Fern;
3rd Florence Elizabeth; 4th Mack Allen; 5th Margaret Estaline; 6th Glen Henry; 7th Eva Doris; 8th Betty Lea;
9th Bonnie LaDean; 10th Donald Eugene; 11th Wanda Marie ~ alias Susie; 12th Harlena June (nickname Nene)

Here is Grandma Woldridge tending her chickens. Does anyone know the story of this photo and who took it?
Please email me if you do!

Harley & Lela Woldridge on their wedding day. | Grandma & Grandpa Woldridge in later years at the Bank house in Fay.

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